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From the desk of Librarian :


The objective of the Library is to facilitate convenient and


user friendly access to current, global and relevant


information to its users.  We identify, acquire, organise the


information resources in print as well as digital formats and


make them available to our users to meet their information


requirements. We at KJSCE Library look forward to serve our


students and faculty with personalised Reference Services



and Selective Dissemination of Information as well.


Tel: 022 6644 9020 / 9191




  • To enhance knowledge and instil a thirst for reading which will enable the readers to develop an integrated personality and motivate them to make a valuable contribution to the society in future.

  • To promote scientific and technological research and also to disseminate information at a faster pace to the targets of their utilization.


About us

KJSCE Library aims to serve the needs of faculty, students and other members of the library. The well-furnished library is located in the new building and is spread across four floors over 1140 sq. meters, with a seating capacity for 150 students.

It provides a comprehensive collection of literature predominantly related to engineering and its allied subjects to meet the present and future information needs of its users. The added facility in the library is the installed bar-coding system which automates a lot of procedures and facilitates a thorough check on the inflow and outflow of books.

Regular timings of different sections of the Library:




Reading Section

First Floor

9:30 am - 9:00 pm

Home Issue Section

Digital Library Centre

Second Floor

9:30 am - 6:00 pm

Reference Section

Third Floor

9:30 am – 7:00pm

Periodical Section

Book Bank

 Fourth Floor 

9:30 am - 6:00 pm 

Vacation timings



College Vacation Period

All Sections – 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

Note: Library will remain closed for Diwali Festival days i.e. Narak Chaturdashi, Lakshmi Poojan, Diwali Padwa & Bhaubeej.

Library Rules

  1. Library facility is restricted to current students & staff of the KJSCE having valid identification issued by KJSCE.

  2. Ex-students are required to obtain written permission from the Principal’s office to use the library facility.

  3. Students must observe complete silence in the library. Discussion/conversation whatsoever is not permitted.

  4. Student should keep their belongings on the Baggage Rack kept for the purpose. Library staff is not responsible for any loss.

  5. Smoking, consumption of food and drink (except water), is not permitted in the library.

  6. Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited. Mobiles are to be kept in the silent mode and you are required to leave the library if you need to use it.

  7. Library material should be handled with utmost care. Nobody should write, damage or make any mark on any of the library materials.

  8. On receiving a book, student must examine it for any kind of damage, such damage should be immediately brought to the notice of Library staff. Failure to do so may entail him/her being held responsible for any damage detected later.

  9. Books lost or damaged must be paid by the student in whose name they have been issued after getting assessment of the value from the Librarian.

  10. The Librarian reserves the right to recall any book before the due date if necessary.

  11. The overdue charge for recalled books will be heavier in case of delay in the return.

  12. Overdue fine is directly deducted from the Library Deposit which is collected along with the fee, and student should maintain Rs.500 in the deposit.

  13. Library has costly books which are indicated by Pink colour strip on top of the spine of a book. In case of loss of such a book borrower should replace it with a new copy.

  14. Library furniture arrangement should not be disturbed.

  15. Regarding all other matter concerning the library, decision of the Principal will be final.

  16. Students are issued an RFID Smart card, which remains in force for the duration of the study year and shall not be transferable. Students are allowed to borrow books and other resources on the basis of the following mentioned below:

Borrowing Limits

Types of Material



Loan Period


UG Students

3 Books

7 days

PG Students

4 Books

14 days

Faculty Member Teaching UG

5 Books

30 days

Faculty Member  Teaching PG

7 Books

30 days


1 Book

14 days


For All

1 Book or 1 CD


PG Students/Faculty Member/Staff

1 Kindle

7 days

Book Bank

UG & PG Students

10 Books

1 academic year


Global Common Circulation

1 Book from any Somaiya Library

7 days



Students are required to return or reissue the library materials on time failing which the following is the Library Fine Structure that would be applicable:

Types of Material



Late Fee per day

Reserved book, Late Fee per day


UG Students

1 to 5

6 to 10

11 onwards




UG. Students Rs.25

PG Students

Faculty / Staff /PG Students Rs.50

G.C.C. Students

1 day



Reference Books Issued over night

UG / PG Students

1 day



Faculty / Staff


Please note : Late Fee for Reserved books is applicable from date of reservation or Due date whichever is later and continue even after reservation is expired/satisfied.

Somaiya Online BOOKWORM Library Software Tutorial is available here.



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