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  • To stay connected, maintain productive and mutual relationship with our esteemed Alumni using all available online and offline means extensively.

  • To build a bridge of communication for the alumni to interact and connect with the students to mentor them about career and life.

  • To build avenues for the alumni to utilize the resources of our institution.

  • To act as a facilitator between alumni and the institution for mutual benefits.

  • To provide a common platform for all KJSCE Alumni world-wide

  • To promote interaction between the KJSCE institute and its Global Alumni, and promote the interest of the current, and future students of the institute.

To encourage establishment of similar national level KJSCE Alumni Chapters within, and outside India.









Talk on Intellectual Property by Mayuri Mahajan an ETRX pass out was conducted on 27 July 2016. This event saw participation of 50 students who were very interactive and had a detailed discussion on what can be considered as intellectual property and how they can benefit from it.

Mayuri Mahajan

Alumni Cell

Hetal Mundra & Rohini Nair


Inspirational talk by alumni during FE Orientation on 6th August. Alumni were as follows: Raghunandan Jagdish, Vidit Shah, Atif Afzal, Shweta Shroff, Ameet Padiyar, Shashank Singh and Shrikant Karave. The alumni shared their life experiences with the students. 

Raghunandan Jagdish, Vidit Shah, Atif Afzal, Shweta Shroff, Ameet Padiyar, Shashank Singh and Shrikant Karave

Alumni Cell

Hetal Mundra & Rohini Nair


KJSCE Alumni Reunion-NewYork was held on 9th August 2016.

35 alumni attended the reunion & made the Alumni Meetup in New York a great success! Special shout out to Aviraj, Nirav, Shatakshi and Twisha for helping us organize this and Dhananjay Parchure, Secretary ASECA for representating KJSCE.

Aviraj, Nirav, Shatakshi, Twisha, Dhananjay Parchure

Aviraj and Alumni Cell

Hetal Mundra, Swati Mali, Rohini Nair


Kick-Start, The Mock Placement which took place on the 3rd of September, 2016.

It was mock placement consisting of GD, Personal interview and Resume Building rounds conducted by 10 of our alumni across all branches.

The 10 alumni who guided the students were: Utkarsh Shah, Amogh Nalawade (Mech); Jayant Gundewar (Etrx); Nicy Jacob, Sandesh Jadhav, Prachi Joshi(Extc); Prashant Thakkar, Rohit Keluskar (IT), Manav Sanghvi, Dhruv Dholakia (Comps).

Utkarsh Shah, Amogh Nalawade, Nicy Jacob, Sandesh Jadhav, Prachi Joshi, Prashant Thakkar, Rohit Keluskar, Manav Sanghvi, Dhruv Dholakia

Alumni Cell

Hetal Mundra & Rohini Nair

On going

Aspire Infinite Internship – Ongoing for which our alumni Ramaswamy Krishnan, Joint Secretary ASECA & Anish Seshadri have offered internships to 12 students from our college at their firm, Aspire Infinite. This is still going on and it’s a great opportunity for our students to learn nuances of consulting world.

Ramaswamy Krishnan, Anish Seshadri

Alumni Cell

Hetal Mundra & Rohini Nair


KJSCE Alumni gathering in Silicon Valley which took place on 23rd September 2016 attended by Hetal Mundra, Alumni cell Incharge. Key Learning’s were India job/startup scenario collation which could help Alumni abroad, understand the prospects in India and Remote internships/ job opportunities.


Alumni Cell

Hetal Mundra


Internship Expo for Abhiyantri 2016-Technical Fest

Alumni Recruiters

1.Eduvance- Dr Jonathan Joshi

2.In5Minutes- Sumeet Kotharia

3.TecTicks- Bhavik solani

4.K Education- Hansat Parekh

5.Pharmeasy- Dharmil Sanghavi


Jonathan Joshi, Sumeet Kotharia, Bhavik Solani, Hansat Parekh, Dharmil Sanghavi

Alumni Cell

Hetal Mundra & Rohini Nair




‘Basics of Android workshop is being conducted by our alumnus, Mr. Sanket Vaidya, a 2005 pass out on the 3rd, 7th and 14th of December, 2016. The workshop is being well received.

Sanket Vaidya

Alumni Cell

Hetal Mundra, Swati Mali & Rohini Nair


‘Flashback’, the KJSCE Alumni Reunion was held on 21 January 2017 from 4pm-6pm. It was attended by 61 alumni. The event included a street play by the college drama team, Rhapsody and a Karaoke session. The unveiling of the new ASECA logo also took place.


Alumni Cell & ASECA

Hetal Mundra, Rohini Nair & Swati Mali


Departmental Alumni faculty coordinators


The Somaiya Alumni Reunion, was held on the 21st of January 2017 from 6pm onwards and was attended by approximately 7000 alumni with their families. The head of Somaiya trust, Mr. Samir Somaiya addressed the crowd and the event also included an open-air concert by Shriram Iyer.


Somaiya Alumni Relations & Alumni Cell

Hetal Mundra & Rohini Nair


Preparation for Placements’ a seminar by Mr. Harshil Mavani and Mr. Havan Agrawal. They spoke on the general prerequisites required for placements as well as the importance of Java in the same. It served as a pre-event for the C2C workshop.

Harshil Mavani, Havan Agrawal

Alumni Cell

Hetal Mundra & Rohini Nair

Every Saturday

We have also continued Start up Saturdays, where we celebrate and promote the startups by our Alumni entrepreneurs and for this semester. Details are as below

1.OFFEE : Amit Shah 2014 ETRX

2.GIveX Academy and Consultancy LP: Sagar Bhanushali 2010 EXTC

3.Chess Automated by Infivention Technologies Pvt. Ltd. : Bhavya Gohil (2015 ETRX) and Aatur Mehta ( 2016 ETRX )

4.Hire Driver Mumbai : Vishal Kokate 2013 COMPS

5.Toggle Bytes by Dhruv Dholakia 2012 COMPS

6.Brag Bee by Pratik Chopra 2007 ETRX

7.Dealfind.in by Amit Shah 2014 ETRX

8.Building Competency by Meghna Karmakar 2000 EXTC

9.The Wise Cat by Makshi Shah 2013 EXTC

10.U&I by Anuj Kothari 2011 IT


Alumni Cell

Hetal Mundra & Rohini Nair




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