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Mega Projects







Team ETA (Established in 2015)

Faculty Advisor: Prof. A.K. Gangrade

Team Eta is a student team that participates annually in the Shell Eco-Marathon. Shell Eco-marathon is one of the world’s leading energy efficiency competition programmes. Students are challenged to design, build and test energy-efficient cars, pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible. Students take their designs to the track in the Mileage Challenge to see which vehicle can compete to go the farthest on the least amount of fuel. 

We are the first student team in India to manufacture a carbon fiber monocoque vehicle body. Our 2015 prototype Arya had achieved a mileage of 153 kmpl and were ranked 5th in Asia and 1st in India. We are currently the best team in the gasoline category in India. 

For more information visit : www.teameta.in


Annual Reports ETA







ROBOCON (Established in 2010)

Faculty Advisor: Dr.Irfan Siddavatam and Prof.Vijay Bhosale

KJSCE Robocon is a team dedicated to the field of robotics. Founded in 2010 by group of students, Team KJSCE Robocon has paved the way for young intelligent minds to practice and  implement new and innovative designs in modern day robotics. With the sole agenda of winning Robocon India - National level  robotics competition , they intend representing India at the international level. With a national rank of 10 in the year 2012, the strength and appeal of Team KJSCE Robocon is reaching new heights.


Annual Reports ROBOCON








Redshift Racing



Red Shift Racing’s (Established in 2009)

Faculty Advisor: Prof. S.S Bhusnoor

Started in 2009, Red Shift Racing’s key motive is to compete with top teams all over the globe in an SAE organized Baja event. Red Shift Racing has since, come a long way from a hobby idea to a semi-professional project par excellence. Participated in SAE BAJA Auburn event held at USA in the year 2012 and SAE BAJA Indore Event held at INDORE in 2013. Since then, Team RedShift Racing India has participated in 6 national and 2 International competitions with the most recent participation in BAJA SAE Oregon, USA in May 2018. The team finished with an overall rank of 11th amongst 400 participating teams at BAJA SAE Indore 2017 which was the team’s best ever performance so far.


For more information visit website : www.redshift-racing.in

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/redshiftracing.kjsce/







Annual Reports Redshift Racing








Team Onyx India: (Established in December 2011)

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Prashant Jain


Team Onyx India, the Aero-Modelling Club of K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering, Vidyavihar was founded in December 2011 by a group of aviation enthusiasts who sought to create a platform to give other students a foundation upon which they can pursue their interest in the field of aviation by providing technical and non-technical knowledge and experience. The motto of the team has always been aiding students and help them grow and provide exposure to numerous aspects of the field. 


 Team Onyx is a student-run Aero Design Club, devoted to building a community focused on the development of students interested in the field of Aviation and Aeronautics. Established in 2011, students collaborate as a team to conceive, design, fabricate, and test a Radio-Controlled model aircraft that can optimally meet the mission requirements and compete at the annual SAE Aero Design Competition held in USA, with a record of consistently staying in the top 5 teams participating from India in all the international events that they've participated. Also, some of their recent top national achievements include, securing 1st place in Technical Presentation & 3rd place in Design Report (Micro Class) and 9th Overall (Regular Class) out of 111 participating teams in the SAEISS Aero Design Challenge 2018.

 For more information visit:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/team_onyx_india/?hl=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeamOnyxIndia/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/teamonyxindia?lang=en


Annual Reports Onyx








Orion Racing (Established in 2006)

Faculty  Advisor: Dr. Manoj Pawar

 Orion Racing India was born in 2006, a student initiative which has today become a craze among budding automobile enthusiasts and a force to be reckoned with amongst its competitors. Consistently adjudged the best Asian team at Formula Student Germany, ORI has brought India laurels and won accolades for its performance. In addition to achieving technical brilliance ORI has also won acclaim in team cooperation and resource management, having been placed 1st at the Cost Report event in FSG’16. The team bagged the 4th place in the Static events at FS East, Hungary in 2018. The team has won the National Event thrice (2015,2016 and 2018) making it the best Formula Student Team in India.

Following the trend of going electric, Orion Racing India has decided to follow the footsteps and will now be contributing towards a greener environment with their upcoming electric prototype in 2019.

For more information visit : www.orion-racing.com,  


Annual Reports Orion








 TMRT (Established in 2017)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. N. R. Gilke       

The Marine Robotics Team (TMRT) is the underwater robotics and offshore engineering team of the college. Our team was founded on 27th July 2017. We aim to build an "Autonomous Underwater Vehicle" which is capable of performing a set of tasks and making its own decisions based on few algorithms like Deep Learning, etc. We aim to compete in various national and international competitions like DRUSE, SAUVC, RoboSub, SAUC-E and NIOT SAVe. The tasks to be performed by the bot in the competition are the simulations of the external environment in the seas and oceans and it involve four widely faced challenges such as AUV Navigation, Visual Identification, Acoustic Localization and Robotic Manipulation. We also participated in SAUVC 2018, and were one of the 70 international teams to participate in the same.          

Email id:- tmrt@somaiya.edu

Website:- www.tmrt-kjsce.com



Annual Reports TMRT



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