Student Associations


Abhiyantriki is the forum for students to showcase their technical talent and ideas. It hosts a huge variety of exhibitions and competitions and has been graced by renowned organizations like ISRO in the past.

Students can take part in various competitions like Paper Presentation, Robotics Competitions, Gaming Arenas, Project Competitions etc.


Apart from the indoor and the outdoor sport events (K J Somaiya College of Engineering Shield) organized for students and staff, K J Somaiya College of Engineering also hosts its own national level sports festival – Skream.

Skream hosts various teams all over India and has a footfall of about 3000+ students. The participants can participate in various sport events like Football, Cricket, Tennis, Athletics etc. The students are encouraged to show true sportsmanship and compete for the coveted prizes.


Symphony, the inter-collegiate cultural festival of K J Somaiya College of Engineering, has gained its name and popularity among Engineering and Management institutes under Mumbai University for the last decade.

Every year about 75 institutes and 10000 students participate in the programme. The main aim is to promote, encourage and exhibit the talents of the students on a common platform and create interest in cultural activities.

Big Somaiya Debate

The Big Somaiya Debate (BSD) is an annual intercollegiate debate competition, jointly organised by the literary club, Illuminati, and the Students’ Council

BSD is among the premier competitions of Mumbai’s Debating Community. It is open to students studying in colleges across India. It is an endeavour that gives a voice to the opinionated and b `ridges the gap between the thoughts of the modern youth and a platform for them to be heard. BSD tests participants’ debating abilities and examine their approach towards all facets of social, economic and controversial topics in the Aura of Arguments.

Other events by Students council

Freshers Eve


Freshers' 2019 was a dazzling experience for all the new faces of the college. The theme for this year’s Freshers’ eve was ‘The Caribbean Mystique’. This is the day when the freshers are introduced to all the cultural teams of the college. Dressed in their best attire, all the students experienced an amazing welcome to their new chapter.

Naari Day


Naari 2020, the women’s day celebration of the college was held on 5th March and was a great success to prove the pivotal role of women in every facet of life. The chief guest Dr Pallavi Naik and guest of honour Ms Amruta Mane enthralled the students with their amazing acts, and one of the biggest YouTube sensation of India, Ms Anisha Dixit; formally known as Rickshawali enlightened us with her amazing session.



The outgoing students of KJSCE are given a final chance every year to revisit their four years of college. The BE Farewell takes place every year in the college and takes outgoing students down memory lane.

Garba Eve


In KJSCE, Navratri is celebrated with great zeal and zest every year. All the students lose themselves as they dance to the melodious tunes of the Garba Raas. The best dressed and best dancer are rewarded.

Traditional Day


Just like any other college, KJSCE hosts Traditional Day for students every year. This is the day when all the students finally get to take their traditional attire out of the closet. With the amphitheatre being the epicentre of traditional day, all the students click photos with each other and have the time of their lives.

Tie Saree Day


KJSCE host Tie and Saree Day every year. The students dress up and illuminate the entire college with their radiant presence.

Degree Distribution Ceremony


The Degree Distribution Ceremony was conducted on the 18th of January. The students were felicitated during the ceremony in the presence of Dr. Vijay Bhatkar who was the chief guest for the event.

K J Somaiya College of Engineering Shield


Shield has always been one of the prime events that takes place every year. Every branch engages in friendly banter while also fighting hard to claim the Shield for themselves. Indoor, outdoor, cultural, and technical events take place throughout the year to decide the winner of the Shield.