Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering

Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering is a Doctorate programme. This Ph.D. Programme is for those candidates, who are interested predominantly in a research career in Electronics engineering. After completing this doctorate programme the candidates can get other multiple employment opportunities as experts in interdisciplinary domains such as mechatronics, information technology, simulation and modelling, data science, communication engineering, electronic circuitry, instrumentation, system automation, etc.

Ph.D. Programme in Electronics Engineering consists of many research study areas such as computer vision, robotics, circuitry, microfabrication, IoT, control system and power systems, communication engineering, and signal processing. Other research topics that are also part of this program syllabus are computer programming, algorithm design, machine learning, advanced embedded systems, computer graphics, computing, data science, AR-VR technology, etc.

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Key Information


Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering programme requires minimum eligibility of a Masters's or Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering or equivalent branch/discipline from a recognized university as per UGC Norms.

(UGC document can be referred for equivalent minimum degree eligibility for this Ph.D. programme.)

Details of Research Supervisors (Guides)

Sr.No. Research Guide Qualification Research Areas No of Students Registered
1 Dr. Jagannath Nirmal Ph.D Signal Processing, Machine learning 2 (University of Mumbai)
2 Dr. Samidha Kulkarni Ph.D Signal Processing, Control and Automation  
3 Dr. Sudha Gupta Ph.D Communication Engineering, Machine learning 1 (University of Mumbai)
4 Dr. Ninad Mehendale Ph.D Microfabrication, ARVR, Signal Processing, Embedded systems 2 (University of Mumbai)
5 Dr. Ankita Modi Ph.D Robotics, Communication Engineering, Machine Learning