Honours in Computer Application Development

Information Technology | B.Tech. ( IT)

The explosive and ever-growing Computer technology has integrated with our day to day lives like anything to solve problems in every aspect of life and to make life easier. Computer application development plays an important role in conceptualizing, designing and deploying IT based solutions to the various real world problems. Organizations are adapting to the app revolution and IT professionals need to prepare for the barrage of new skills and jobs that it requires. Computer Application development program provides a foundation of computer science concepts and business practices in the development and maintenance of reliable, usable, and dependable enterprise software.

Computer Application development honors program provides the student with programming experience and the skills necessary to analyze and design Information Technology (IT) based solutions. Further, it also provides a strong foundation in technologies used for web application development, core enterprise software development, game application development and interactive design. The course enables to gain critical cognitive skills and move beyond programming to learn how to develop large, complex software system using Devops that uses agile methodology and to familiarize with platforms like Development frameworks for application development. In addition to core computing skills, the honors program enables to gain familiarity with digital marketing strategies and analytics. The Computer Application development honors program actually helps the students to get a complete knowledge on computer applications with well-designed courseware and its application on real-world scenarios, helps aspiring students to have an ideal launch pad for thriving career in the IT field.


This program aims to

  • This program aims to cover all the essential technical skills required for application development.
  • This program emphasize on assimilating different aspects of the UI programming to designed simple yet efficient user friendly user interface.
  • It also covers the different concepts of DevOps to shorten the system development life cycle.
  • This program delivers knowledge about the digital marketing techniques including but not limited to the basics of search engine optimization techniques, Social media marketing.

Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of this Honor program, students will able to

  • Comprehend the principles, practices and techniques involved in application development of various types ranging from web application, mobile application and gaming application.
  • Develop an application using frameworks.
  • Apply the UI basics to improve application experience and different digital marketing channels.
  • Demonstrate the various concept of DevOps in application development.

Eligibility Criteria

Students who have passed First Year of Engineering in Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence  & Data Science successfully.

Assessment Method

Laboratory performance evaluation, Mini Projects, Viva-voce, Continuous Assessment through internal assessments and unit tests, End Semester Examination

List of Courses

  • UI Programming
  • Development Frameworks-1 Or Development Frameworks-2
  • DevOps
  • Game Development
  • Digital Marketing
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