Ph.D. in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

The department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (EXTC), K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering (KJSCE) promotes research and innovation relating to design and development in the field of telecommunications and electronic circuits.

The department is actively involved and has undertaken various consultancy sponsored research projects in the areas of Signal Processing, Communication Engineering, RF & Microwave, VLSI & Embedded Systems, Information Processing and Intelligence Systems. In order to foster research culture further, the department has established Ph.D. research Centre in 2020 under Somaiya Vidyavihar University (SVU).

The Department has good infrastructural facilities and laboratories equipped with state-of-the art computational facilities as required for quality research. Moreover as a part of industry-institute interaction, the department has set up centers of excellence in collaboration with industries such as Cisco and Texas Instruments. The department also has well-qualified faculty members to guide research scholars in the areas of competitive research. The primary goal of the department is to facilitate research and extend resources to budding researchers thus enabling them to undertake research of use to the society and community. After successfully completing this doctorate programme candidates can get opportunities to contribute on top positions as a consultant, entrepreneur, policy maker, auditor, technical expert, etc. in industry and also in academics.

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Key Information


The eligibility for the Ph.D. Programme is Masters or a Bachelor degree in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering or equivalent branch/discipline from a recognized University as per the UGC Norms.

(UGC document can be referred for equivalent minimum degree eligibility for this Ph.D. programme.)

Details of Research Supervisors (Guides)

Sr.No. Research Guide Qualification Research Areas No of Students Registered
1 Dr. Ameya K. Naik Ph.D Signal Processing and Intelligent Systems, Image Processing & Video Processing, Multirate Signal Processing, Wavelets, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Digital Communication, Data Networks & Security, Data Compression, Channel Coding, Information Theory, Embedded Systems and Data Analytics. 1 (Somaiya Vidyavihar University)
2 Dr. Bharti Singh Ph.D Antennas and Antenna Arrays Wireless and Mobile Communication Internet of Things 1 (Somaiya Vidyavihar University)
3 Dr. Kiran Ajetrao Ph.D Microwave Engineering, Antennas and Wave Propagation, Metamaterial based Antennas, RF Engineering,Digital Communication, Communication Networks, Data Compression, Data Analytics, Optical Fibre Communication, Digital Circuits and Embedded Systems -
4 Dr. Vandana Satam Ph.D MIMO Antennas, UWB antennas, Metamaterial antennas, Antennas for biomedical application, Designing of passive and active devices IoT and Machine learning Wireless Power Transfer -
5 Dr. Jagannath Nirmal Ph.D Signal Processing, Machine learning -
6 Dr. Sudha Gupta Ph.D Communication Engineering, Machine learning -
7 Dr. Ninad Mehendale Ph.D Microfabrication, ARVR, Signal Processing, Embedded systems -
8 Dr. Makarand Kulkarni Ph.D Communication Engineering, Design and Development of System Components for RF/Microwave communication, Antenna Design, Optical Fiber Communication -
9 Dr. Anudeepa S Kholapure Ph.D UWB antennas, Antenna Array, MIMO antenna Reconfigurable Antennas, RF passive and active devices, Cryptography, Data Compression. -
10 Dr. Rupali Patil Ph.D Signal Processing and Information Systems, Biomedical Image processing, Document Image Analysis,  Machine learning, Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Communication Systems and Data Networks. -

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