Student Associations


The Student’s Association of Humanities and Science (SAHAS) is the youngest council of K J Somaiya College of Engineering. It is the student’s council associated with the department of Sciences and Humanities.

It was established in the year 1991 with the objective of conducting events related to Humanities, Sciences, Technology & important aspects of society like environment, cleanliness, women empowerment etc. It provides the platform for young & enthusiastic students to take up responsibility and conduct events related to nation, culture, traditions, social issues as well as technical aspects. It also helps students by conducting curricular & co- curricular activities like IV, Museum visits, Eco-ethno trek etc.


The Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers - Institute Students’ Forum, ( IETE – KJSISF ) , started in the year 2001,

is a student organization established with an aim to provide students with opportunities for all-round development and make them “ENGINEERS” in the real sense of the term.


The ISTE Student Chapter (MH 60) was established in 2000-2001 and it was inaugurated on Wednesday, 24th January 2001 by the Chief guest Shri Pratap Borde, Principal, MGM’s JNCOE, Aurangabad.

Shri Jayant B. Inamdar, Chief Engg., MSRTC, Mumbai was present at the function as Guest of Honour. One of the major subjects of the ISTE is to assist and to contribute to the production and development of top quality professional engineers and technicians needed by the industries and other organisations.


Emfinity, the official math club of K J Somaiya College of Engineering, established in 2015, is living up to the vibrant and exuberant expectations of those interested in mathematics by organizing a variety of activities over the due course of the academic years.

Emfinity has organized events like treasure hunt which familiarizes students to Somaiya Campus, Castle Math which takes place during Abhiyantriki the technical festival of Somaiya, General Aptitude Test to give technical overview of the placement aptitude tests and finally the most exciting Game Of Maths which is a theme based event and has seen participants from all colleges. We also organize special guest lectures and seminars.


BloomBox is the entrepreneurship cell at K J Somaiya College of Engineering.

It is intended as a platform to motivate and educate students about entrepreneurship and encourage them to flesh out their ideas in business terms and form global enterprises that combine technology, vision and business acumen. BloomBox conducts various events promoting entrepreneurship culture amongst the students.


KJSCE Codecell, a Codechef campus chapter was founded in 2014. The main goals of K J Somaiya College of Engineering Codecell are to promote a culture of competitive coding and to improve participation of the college in the prestigious competition ACM ICPC.

It conducts seminars, workshops on various topics as well as coding competitions all-round the year, encouraging the students of the college to constantly raise the bar for themselves. The national level competitions held by KJSCE-Codecell serve as an opportunity for students to showcase their coding talents.


The Computer Society of India established in the year 1965 is today the largest IT professionals’ society in India. Keeping in mind the interest of IT professionals & computer users, CSI works towards making a profession an area of choice among all sections of society.

The basic purpose of CSI is to promote IT as a profession. To fulfill this objective, the CSI regularly organizes conferences, conventions, lectures and gives various awards. This is supported by organizing regular training workshops for IT professionals for skill updation. CSI also works towards a global approach by seeking out alliances with organizations overseas who may be willing to come forward and participate in such activities. CSI also helps governments in formulating IT strategy & planning. This is done by starting CSI chapters in the institutes.

KJSCE’s CSI students’ chapter was established in 2003. CSI council is formed from the student members every year. They work under the guidance of teachers. There are a number of technical as well as non-technical activities conducted by it, which includes Paper Presentation, Project Competitions, Technical Talks on the latest trends in industry, etc. The students participate and organize events.


The Electronics Engineers Students’ Association was established in the year 1988. The association promotes activities such as paper presentations, quizzes, seminars, etc.

It arranges for preparatory guidance lectures and also conducts mock tests and group discussions for CAT, GRE etc.


The Mechanical Engineering Students’ Association, a student organization, was founded in the year 2000.

It is an organization which conducts technical events, seminars and industrial visits all round the year, making aspiring mechanical engineers more competent, active and perceptive and also gives them an insight into the field of study, research and development.

G-Force, the annual tech fest held by MESA serves as an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and technical skills.

Somaiya ML Research Association

Since 2018, Somaiya Machine Learning Research Association (SMLRA) is a community aimed at fostering Machine Learning and Deep Learning Research culture within K J Somaiya College of Engineering, after being inspired by similar communities in top universities like MIT, Stanford, IIT-Bombay, etc.

This community is formed to enhance the understanding, knowledge, experience, and coordination among like-minded and self-inspired students and faculties. SMLRA provides an environment for practical, intellectual and research development of ideas and concepts in Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML) and Deep Learning (DL). SMLRA was the first council to be ever invited to industry to conduct a workshop on incorporating machine learning in their organization.

It has organized symposiums by eminent speakers-cum-researchers from IIT-Bombay, etc. specializing in machine learning and deep learning research. It also organizes other activities like speaker sessions by industry people, student-led symposiums, research paper reading sessions, workshops and conferences that help inculcate the research culture and also help the students explore more domains and contribute to the field of AI that will be driving the revolution of Industry 4.0.