Minor in Computer Networking & Security

Development of computer network system brings both, a convenience and security threats for users. Network security problems generally include network system security and data security. There is an increasing need of professionals for Networking and security. This programme will focus on basics of digital communication, Computer networking along with security issues.

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Key Information


  • Understand layered architecture of computer communication network.
  • Analyse a number of datalink, network, and transport layer protocols.
  • Comprehend fundamentals of wireless communication networks.
  • Understand network security.
  • Analyse the threats and vulnerabilities in network.

Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of this minor program, an Engineering Graduate will be able to

  • LO1. Demonstrate knowledge of computer networking and related security.
  • LO2. Understand issues related to Wireless Networks.
  • LO3. Gain in-sight to analyse threats in the network.

Assessment Method

Evaluation is done by a variety of tools including Open book tests, MCQs (multiple choice questions), Study of research papers, Internal Assessment tools and End Semester Examinations etc. Mini-Projects are offered to encourage project based learning among students.

Eligibility Criteria

Student who has earned all credits of First Year of Engineering in Electronics Engineering / Mechanical Engineering.

List of Courses

  • Digital Communications and Networks
  • Computer Networking
  • Internet and Wireless Networks
  • Network Security
  • Applied Project