Honours in Software & Application Development

Computer Engineering | B.Tech (Comp)

Last decade has witnessed Mobile handheld devices overtaking the conventional notion of desktop based computing, with iOS and Android emerging as de-facto operating systems. In recent years, due to their portability, computational capability at per with conventional computers Android and Apple iOS based devices are being preferred globally. This has resulted in a huge demand of professionals in the domain of Application development for Apple iOS and Android platforms. Looking at the opportunities available in this field for employment and subsequent career growth it’s the right time to start Honours programme in Software Application Development.

  • Provision for two tracks viz, Apple iOS and Android platform. The Apple iOS authorized by Apple Training Centre covers Apple’s state of the art development platform and related technologies. Whereas, the Android track will cover the Android specific development platforms e.g. Android-Studio and Flutter.
  • Industry authorised program with complete support of coordination and guidance to blend and integrate Apple’s curriculum including that of AI / ML, AR-VR so that the programme is always maintained up to date, in line with the technology advancements.
  • Impart training to the Students on Apple iOS and help them excel in professional careers.
  • Learning opportunities of advanced technologies on multi-purpose Mac Lab.
  • Expand horizon of employment & entrepreneurship opportunities of students with Apple’s internationally acceptable certification program.


The offered programme aims to give the understanding of:

  • To train the students on industry certified curriculum so that they will be industry ready and thus excel in professional careers and contribute to social needs through application development.
  • Students can pursue higher education, conduct research, demonstrate professionalism and ethics
  • Students exhibit innovation, adaptability, team work, leadership and communication skills

Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of this programme, an Engineering Graduate will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of user interface design and material design in the context of mobile application development.
  • Develop proficiency in building cross-platform mobile applications using Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, and React Native frameworks.
  • Implement responsive design techniques and utilize platform-specific features to ensure optimal user experience.
  • Apply usability testing methods and incorporate accessibility principles to evaluate and refine user interface designs for iOS and Android applications.

Eligibility Criteria

Students who have passed First Year of Engineering in Computer Engineering successfully

Assessment Method

Evaluation is done by a variety of tools including Open book tests, MCQs (multiple choice questions), Study of research papers, Internal Assessment tools and End Semester Examinations etc. Mini-Projects are offered in courses also to encourage project based learning among students.

List of Courses

  • Fundamentals of Swift
  • Application Development - User Interface Design
  • Mobile application development using Android – Kotlin / Flutter
  • Application development using React Native
  • Product Development material design (Swift & iOS)
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