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Mechanical engineering department was started in the year 1983. B.Tech Programme in Mechanical Engineering got accredited five times by National Board of Accreditation (NBA), Delhi since 1998. However, four times under Tier-II category and first time under Tier-I (in 2019) category, while the institute has been awarded 'A' grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in 2017. The department imparts the skills and expertise in the areas of design, manufacturing and thermal sciences that are the backbone of most sectors of industry. The department is committed to provide quality education in mechanical engineering that enables students to achieve excellence in their field of specialization. It strives to ensure an academic ambience that is important for encouraging the culture of research, development and innovation amongst students.

The department also endeavours to inculcate in the students, the qualities of team spirit, leadership, communication skills and an aptitude for lifelong learning. This objective is achieved through the multidisciplinary mega-projects wherein the students get hands-on experience of working with tools and machines. Currently there are five such mega-project teams working in the department. The teams ORION, BAJA and ETA design and fabricate race car, all-terrain vehicle and fuel efficient vehicle respectively while team ROBOCON designs and fabricates special purpose robot. ONYX is the aeromodelling team of the institute which designs and fabricates the remote controlled aircraft. Since their inception these projects are being assessed at international events and students are consistently improving on the quality of their output. All these projects are sponsored by corporates with a partial financial support from the institute.

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