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Energy Engineering | M.Tech Energy Engg

This is an M. Tech. Programme in Energy Engineering. Design, development and dissemination of appropriate energy technologies is important for meeting the growing energy requirements for economic growth as well as for improvement in the quality of human life. Harnessing of renewable energy sources with the help of appropriate technologies has to address a variety of global challenges including those of fossil fuel scarcity and their potential depletion, energy security, energy access, environmental sustainability as well as increasing cost of fossil fuel based energy.

This M.Tech program is designed to study various renewable energy technologies as also the energy management. While designing curriculum the thrust areas defined by MNRE (Ministry of new and Renewable Energy, Government of India) is taken into consideration. This programme is designed for students with engineering degree in chemical, electrical, energy and mechanical engineering. The batch size of this programme is 18. Course duration is of two years, split in four semesters. In addition to program outcomes, course objectives for each course, from a learner’s point of view, are also included in the curriculum to support the philosophy of outcome based education. The syllabus is in line with the AICTE model curriculum. The specialities of M.Tech 2020 curriculum are:

  • Mandatory internship of three months,
  • Bridge course to cater needs of the students coming from various Universities.
  • A course on professional skills
  • Industry oriented curriculum
  • Project based learning
  • Wide choices for programme and open electives


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