Honours in Data Science

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence | B.Tech (RAI)

Data science makes use of a range of tools, methods, scientific techniques, and algorithms to draw conclusions from both structured and unstructured data. Since data science has become integral to how organisations run and provide their services, it is frequently claimed that it is the most lucrative career path of the twenty-first century. Currently, educational institutions all over the world are working hard to meet the rising need for data scientists. This program offers students to understand basics of data science, data mining, and data visualization. Also, this program covers recent advancements in Machine learning and Big Data Analytics along with expertise in various software.


  • To develop relevant programming abilities
  • To proficient with analysis of data
  • To build and assess Machine Learning models
  • To provide consulting services in the field of data analytics
  • To pursue higher education in advancements in the field of data science

Learning Outcomes

  • To identify and perform relevant data analysis tasks with suitable tools and technologies to solve real-life problems
  • To become expertise Data Science Engineer to engineer data to be usable for a wide range of industries

Eligibility Criteria

Students who have passed First Year of B. Tech. in Robotics and AI successfully

Assessment Method

Quiz, Tests, Simulation tutorials, Presentation, Case study in relevant area, Programming Course project etc.

List of Courses

  • Introduction to data science
  • Basics of Data Mining
  • Data Visualization Tools and Techniques
  • Mini project
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