1st in globally as well as Asia in Virtual Technical Inspection competition - Shell Eco Marathon 2021


8th July 2021

Relevant Person(s)

Yuvraj Dalvi

Area of Interest



K J Somaiya College of Engineering

Team Eta from K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering has won globally and in Asia in Virtual Technical Inspection of Shell Eco-Marathon amongst 235 teams across the globe. This virtual competition was very new to the team and being held in the pandemic, still they managed to make the best out of the available scenarios. With an immense support from college, the team was able to shoot the video in the SVU campus, promote it and make an award winning submission. "The team worked dedicatedly day and night to make their dream of being globally first, come to life", says Team Captain - Yuvraj Dalvi. To see their submission, click on the following link - https://youtu.be/YHUAxq6sy64