Proposed Infrastructure for Census Enumeration and Internet Voting Application in Digital India with Multichain Blockchain

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Vivek Tirodkar & Sonali Patil
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2nd International Conference on Advanced Computing Technologies and Applications 2020
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D J Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai
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Census and election are important aspects of Indian government. Census helps India to keep track of demographic, social, cultural, and economic information of India’s growing population, whereas election helps in electing representatives of people. Digitization of census enumeration procedure and building online voting system in India will answer to many problems associated with existing system. Security associated with blockchain technology makes it suitable for building online census and voting system rather than using other models like client–server model, cloud-based technology, or involvement of mobile-based services. Existing infrastructure based on Internet is not suitable to accommodate limitation of blockchain technology. Keeping security and privacy in mind, building a required infrastructure for blockchain-based census and voting system is necessary and challenging. This paper proposed infrastructure required for efficient implementation of online voting system and online census process using private blockchain in India, considering current infrastructure problem. With help of online census enumeration, it is possible to consolidate people’s data by mapping all census data and voting information to UIDAI Aadhaar card. This paper provides requirements to build Web application for proposed infrastructure with multichain blockchain, considering security features and storage problem of such huge data of entire country. The proposed application for voting system will ensure voting from any nearest constituency, tamper proofing of vote, anonymity of voter, resistance to multiple voting, proposed application will provide method or way to verify integrity of vote cast, if authority want to cross check (on demand). This paper provides test analysis result of proposed system with proposed application over small blockchain node to find out real-time possibility and requirement for large-scale implementation.