Secure E-Voting System using Blockchain technology and authentication via Face recognition and Mobile OTP

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Abhishek Parmar,Sagar Gada,Sonali Patil ,Sujata Pathak ,Trunesh Loke & Yash Jain
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12th International Conference on Computing Communication and Networking Technologies (ICCCNT)
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Kharagpur, India

In the digital era where hacking and bypassing a system is easy, tampering of data is always possible leading to bad situations. Blockchain is used to store data which is near impossible to change or tamper with as it is very secure in nature. Voting as a process in any nation is an essential event and if votes get miscalculated by any external source it will be harmful. To avoid such kinds of situations and making it more comfortable blockchain technology comes in acknowledgment. This paper proposes a decentralized national e-voting system based on blockchain technology. It includes an admin panel to schedule the voting, manage candidates and declare the results. The web application will provide the users with an interface to enter their Aadhar card ID (text input) and a photo of themselves at the time of voting. The eligibility of the voter will be checked at the time they enter their Aadhar card ID. Eligible voter's phone numbers will be verified via One Time Password (OTP). After voter verification, individual voters will be considered eligible for voting. During voting, voters will be monitored through a webcam/front camera. The votes will be stored in a blockchain and any tampering would be detected easily. The address and the corresponding constituency will be checked in the backend. Voting results will be declared on a specified date and will be handled by the admin. The results will be displayed graphically with various options to choose from and will also include past results and statistics.