Need Based Students’ Scholarship: PUSH KJSCE-A Success Story

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The fee structure of many self-financed colleges in India may be exorbitant to aspiring students coming from the financially weaker section. The problem is even more pertinent when staying cost gets added for outside Mumbai students. The paper aims to focus on the process of building a mechanism to bring technical education within reach of the financially needy students, who are admitted to K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering Mumbai (KJSCE). With an aim of raising funds to support such needy students, employees of KJSCE came together and extended a helping hand to establish an organization named as “PUSH” (People United for Students’ Help). This paper describes the functioning of PUSH-KJSCE and its long-lasting impact on the lives of low-income students. PUSH-KJSCE, a management-inspired practice in KJSCE, ensured an economic support system as well as much-needed facilities to financially weaker students. As a result of this, it not only makes the students confident, but it also helps them to fulfil their dreams to become professionally qualified. The PUSH KJSCE is a success story of the best management practices which spread the rays of hope in the lives of young minds, such that they are no more hindered by financial obstacles and it also creates awareness in them to contribute and make this model sustainable.

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